About Us

Assist HomeCare is a South Australian organisation offering a variety of high quality home based services aimed at supporting independence in the home.

Assist HomeCare is an Approved Provider for Disability SA.

At Assist HomeCare we understand that each client is an individual, with specific needs. We know that security is important and that respect and empathy are critical.

Assist HomeCare has developed services with you in mind.

Each client is assigned their own ‘Client Services Manager’ who is a single point of contact for you. Your client services manager will coordinate all aspects of your care need.

Assist HomeCare is fully insured for your peace of mind.

Assist HomeCare is contactable 24 hrs per day all year round.

You will see familiar faces and be able to build relationships because your staff won’t change – unless you want them to.

Together, we will tailor a support program that suits you.

You can employ us around-the-clock, or from as little as one hour a week.

All our caring and support staff are always supervised by our Nursing Manager who is a qualified Registered Nurse.  All our Home & Garden staff are supervised by our Home Support Manager who is a qualified building supervisor.

Empathy, Caring, Professionalism, Quality, Commitment, Trust, these are the values our people bring and the values that Assist HomeCare embraces.

Plus a large number of self funded clients & agencies