Assist HomeCare Standards

Assist HomeCare Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an innovative & broad range of home-based services to elderly and disabled clients which will therefore enable them to have the best  quality of life.

  1. Individual needs
    Each client receives a service designed to meet their own needs.  Client’s needs are put first and service plans are designed to assist in maintaining their independence.
    Each client using our service will be assisted by qualified, caring staff to achieve their highest potential.
  2. Decision making and choice
    Each client is given the opportunity to participate fully in making decisions about their care.  This ensures everyone using the service is able to have a say about the services they want on a day to day basis.
  3. Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality
    Assist HomeCare respects the privacy, dignity and confidentiality of each of their clients.
    Everyone using our service has the right to be treated with respect, and all information about clients is kept strictly confidential.
  4. Participation and Integration
    Each client at Assist HomeCare is supported and encouraged to participate in their activities of daily living.
    Assist HomeCare endeavours where possible to assist clients to maintain their links with their family, friends and the community.