Quality Assurance

Risk Management

Assist HomeCare is extremely thorough with risk identification and the risk management processes for the benefit of all concerned. This includes the proper management of occupational health, safety and welfare of our support workers.

The elements of our risk management program are outlined below and commences with a client approach including police offender history checks on support workers, on site risk assessment inspections. We require regular support worker training, incident reporting, adequate insurance and knowledge of the OH&S Act and other relevant legislation.

As part of the program to protect the safety and welfare of our workers it is requested that any specific hazard information known by a referring agency is provided to Assist HomeCare at the time of requesting a service.

Service Site Inspections

Assist HomeCare is committed to protecting the Occupational Health and Safety of all workers and clients. As many of our services are provided in a Client’s home, our  risk management policy instructs support workers to complete a structured and documented site inspection prior to commencing a service.  Where a site inspection identifies a hazard or  risk or potential risks Assist HomeCare ensures that with appropriate consultation appropriate risk treatment measures are implemented.

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Assist HomeCare maintains current Professional Indemnity and Public and Property Liability Insurance. Assist HomeCare also hold Personal Accident insurance cover to help protect our support workers and clients. Support Workers are required to immediately report any incident or situation that may give cause to an insurance claim against these policies.

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Police Checks

All support workers employees must receive a satisfactory Police Offender History clearance to provide services for Assist HomeCare.

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Manual Handling Training

All staff are required to attend Manual Handling training techniques, and be aware of OH&S policies and responsibilities, emergency response procedures and documentation associated with protecting the health and well being of both themselves and clients.

Incident Reporting

Assist HomeCare OH&S policy requires all identified hazards, accidents and near miss incidents to be reported to the Manager in the first instance.

Assist HomeCare also requires support workers to identify hazards, to rectify them (only if qualified to do so without endangering themselves or others) and to report the hazard to the Manager of Assist HomeCare.

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Compliments and Complaints Policy

Clients can confidently rely on the services provided by Assist HomeCare.

Complaints and compliments from customers including clients, carer or agent personnel are acknowledged as the most effective form of feedback regarding Assist HomeCare  performance.

Any person who is associated with the service provided by Assist HomeCare always has the right to raise issues or make a complaint about any aspect of our services.

The Assist HomeCare complaints policy and procedures are based on and comply with National Service Standards.

Assist HomeCare has developed policies to ensure quality service delivery to all our clients.  Policies relating to our service delivery  include:

  • Assist HomeCare Client Support Worker Relationship Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Communication and Documentation Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Complaints Resolution Mechanism Guidelines
  • Assist HomeCare Confidentiality Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Disposal of Sharps and Contaminated Waste Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Dispute and Grievance Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Duty of Care Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Emergency Evacuation & Response Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Employee Assistance Scheme
  • Assist HomeCare Environmental Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Health Care Management Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Heat Stress Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Hygiene and Food & Beverage Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Infection Control and Standard Precautions Guidelines
  • Assist HomeCare Instructions for completing OH&S Assessment Form
  • Assist HomeCare Managing Challenging Behaviour Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Manual Handling Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Medication Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Meeting Individual Need Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Quality and Customer Service Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Recruitment Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Responding to Biological Hazards Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Safe Work Practices Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Service Access Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Staff Development Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Support Worker Client Ratio Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Support Worker Code of Conduct
  • Assist HomeCare Support Worker Manual and Code of Conduct Policy
  • Assist HomeCare Vehicle Usage Policy and Guidelines
  • Assist HomeCare Violence, Safe Work Practices and Intervention Guidelines
  • Assist HomeCare Wound Management Policy and Guidelines